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We have been inspired to launch this one-of-a-kind website to let others learn all there is to know about the skin condition referred to as eczema. This encompasses teaching visitors about the causes, symptoms and viable therapies for dealing with it.

Our Objective

eczema communityOur aim goal is to create a thriving online community for eczema patients and their loved ones. Here, you will be able to obtain expert advice and support whenever and from wherever you might be located in the globe. It’s also an opportunity to join other eczema patients and hear their experience. That means you’ll be able to interact with others from all around the world who share the same desire to learn much more about this skin condition. And that’s what makes this website a ‘one-stop’ online repository for all matters related to eczema. You can go through all the content in this site at your discretion, and take full advantage of all the services it offers to visitors too.

What To Expect

We have made it a point to make available a wide variety of essential services touching on this skin condition to all visitors. You’ll find invaluable and up to date content on various aspects of eczema. This includes the various factors that cause it, the symptoms patients commonly experience as well as the possible treatment options, which are laid out for them. We will be posting the latest research on this condition and even emerging trends in the search for an effective cure on regular basis.

You will also be able to find accurate answers to all the burning questions you may have pertaining to this skin ailment. This includes how you can get diagnosed if you suspect you have eczema and the latest techniques to help you better manage its signs and symptoms.

What is eczema?

In a nutshell, eczema is a collective term for a group of skin conditions, which trigger redness, itchiness and inflammation. There are 8 different kinds of this condition: atopic dermatitis, hand eczema, dyshidrotic eczema, lichen complex chronicus, stasis dermatitis, contact dermatitis, nummular eczema and seborrheic dermatitis.what is eczema While not a contagious ailment, eczema is very common, and more than 30 million US citizens have one or another other form of it. The term eczema was coined from a Greek word that infers ‘to boil over.’ This is a particularly apt reference to the red, itchy and inflamed patches, which characterize its flare-ups.

The severity of eczema can vary from mild, moderate to even severe, and it affects both children and adults. Some of the classic symptoms of this skin condition include dry and extremely tender skin, red inflamed patches, severe itching, dark colored blotches, rough scaly patches and oozing or crusting. Unfortunately, there is currently no effective cure for eczema. Still, there are a number of therapies, which can help patients to better manage it. Some of the most notable of these are over the counter medicine, prescription topical medication, immunosuppressants, phototherapy and biologic medication. Also, quite a large number of eczema patients find the much needed relief by using natural alternative remedies.