Eczema Products

Top 5 Eczema Products

Eczema can be a major challenge regardless of whether you experience it a couple of times each year or have you to deal with it constantly. Generally speaking, all eczema products are designed to accomplish 4 major treatment objectives. These are effectively controlling the itching, re-healing the skin, preventing flares and preventing the risk of infections. Essentially, the ideal treatment usually depends on the patient’s age, their medical history and the severity of the symptoms they exhibit. In some specific occasions, the treatment plan might necessitate a mix of remedies in to obtain optimal outcomes. Well with that fully understood, here are some 5 of the most common treatments for this inflammatory skin condition.

  1. Corticosteroid creams, ointments and foams
Eczema corticosteroid creams

Eczema corticosteroid creams

These are eczema products which are formulated with hydrocortisone steroids. They are acclaimed for bringing about rapid relief and minimize inflammation as well. Corticosteroid medications come in varying strengths ranging from the mild over-the-counter varieties to the more potent prescription drugs. Depending on where the rashes are located on your body and their severity, you may require varying strengths of these drugs.


  1. Barrier repair moisturizers

Barrier repair moisturizers are made available in either over-the-counter or prescription types. They work by simply locking moisture in the skin and repairing the damage caused. These medications can significantly relieve dryness, redness as well as itching.

  1. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

NSAIDs are designed to treat mild to moderate forms of this skin condition. Ideally, a 2-time daily application can be sufficient in effectively minimizing inflammation for patients of 2 years and above. NSAIDs are also renowned for their ability to assist the skin to regain its normal appearance.

  1. Pimecrolimus and Tacrolimus

These are basically topical eczema products that are meant to deal with the moderate to more severe types of this condition. They are particularly efficacious in relieving inflammation, even though they are not steroids.

  1. Phototherapy

Controlled exposure to ultra violet light is made use of to treat moderate to severe forms of eczema. This therapy simply carries out its functions by suppressing the inflammatory response of the patient’s immune system. At the moment, there happen to be 2 sorts of phototherapy treatments for this medical condition, which are the UV light therapy and PUVA therapy.

eczema phototherapy baby

eczema phototherapy baby

The first involves getting exposed to either UVA light, UVB light or a blend of both of them. In some particular circumstances, coal tar might be applied to the patient’s skin in a simultaneous manner.

On the other hand, PUVA therapy involves the administration of psoralen, which is a type of prescription drug. Psolaren carries out its function by helping make the patient’s skin much more sensitive to UVA light, prior to exposure to this ultra violet light. PUVA therapy is almost always an extremely excellent solution for those patients who have failed to obtain good outcomes from the administration of ultra violet therapy alone.

Well there you have it! 5 of the very best eczema products you and your physician can leverage on to bring you relief for this condition, whether you suffer from it periodically or regularly. If you remember, these medications are meant to control the itching, re-heal the skin and prevent flares and risks of infection.