Why essential oils are your best bet against Eczema

In the spirit of finding an affordable yet effective remedy, we shall be looking at essential oils as an alternative treatment solution to mainstream prescription medicine. Can they really aid in the fight against Eczema? Let’s find out:

Scientific backing



Eczema is basically caused by inflammations arising from the body fighting healthy cells along the surface of the skin. It is widely believed that one enzyme, in particular, has such an effect on the body: cyclooxygenase otherwise known as COX-2.

According to a 2009 study conducted by scientists of Japan’s Nara women’s university, essential oils work to limit production of the hormone that triggers inflammation and thereby Eczema. The research went on to stipulate that certain essential oils offer faster means of relief than their counterparts i.e. some are more effective than others.

All these sentiments were compounded by findings of reputable scientific entities such as the University of Minnesota and the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Eczema crops up as a result of a conducive setting brought about by a variety of factors ranging from genes to environmental aspects. Each essential oil not only works to alleviate these favorable conditions but also mitigate some of the side effects that accompany Eczema. Here are some of the best essential oils Mother Nature has to offer with regards to Eczema treatment:

1) Eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus’ effectiveness in Eczema treatment is largely attributed to a compound called cineole. Its prowess lies in its anti-inflammatory capabilities alongside its ability to curb itching, a common Eczema side effect. Eucalyptol is the component responsible for easing such sensations.

2) Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has long been hailed for its ability to strengthen the body’s immune system. Also, it takes up a secondary role as an anti-inflammatory agent that is adept at eliminating scars and other skin marks. Word of caution however as this oil is of the drying variety so your best bet is to accompany it with a moisturizer of sorts.

3) Thyme oil
Carvacrol in thyme helps achieve a number of objectives which include relieving pain and swelling and fighting infections. Thyme oil is thought to be the pick of the litter with figures indicating that the compound curbs production of COX-2 by an astonishing 65%! It is arguably the most effective of them all.

4) Lavender oil
More popularly known for its captivating fragrance, lavender oil has been shown to fight Eczema on two fronts. First, it creates a hostile environment that kills fungi that cause inflammation then it accelerates seamless healing in the affected region.

5) Bergamot oil
Research has it that Bergamot inhibits release of COX-2 by a commendable 22%. It is a proven performer with the oil famous in Italy over the centuries due to its ability to get rid of Eczema and a host of skin diseases like acne and even ulcers. It works wonders for the scalp and skin at large.

Final Verdict

essential oils eczemaSo can essential oils help against Eczema? Yes, science definitely seems to thinks so. However, before you embark down this path, be sure to consult your doctor to find out whether to use a particular essential oil. Usage can be detrimental during pregnancy and when on certain medication so seek help first. Otherwise, essential oils appear the perfect remedy for Eczema; they are not only cost-effective but free of the harmful side effects synonymous with more conventional treatment options like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.