Get Involved

Eczema is a completely manageable condition, however one thing that can make it harder to deal with is feeling isolated. The absence of a supportive community and the absence of accurate information about eczema can leave eczema sufferers wondering how to treat their eczema. As a result, they may not realize just what help is out there for them, and settle for inadequate treatment – or no treatment at all. In its turn, this can have psychological effects, such as causing sufferers to feel lonely, down, anxious, or otherwise depressed about their condition.

There are three key ways to get involved with our campaign, and to help sufferers of eczema to get the support and knowledge that they need to live a wonderful and fulfilling life, whilst managing their eczema with ease. You can Adovcate, Donate, or participate in Research.


advocateBe a vocal supporter of eczema sufferers. Post accurate and reliable information about eczema related topics and the support that is offered for eczema on social media and you may just reach somebody who was feeling low because their eczema was getting them down and they weren’t sure how to manage it. Speak up if you notice any bullying or teasing related to eczema at school or in the workplace. Lobby your local branch of government and ask them to provide information to the general public about how to treat eczema, as well as asking those in power to provide comprehensive services for those with this condition.


DonateGive money to eczema charities (setting up a regular monthly payment is a great way to do this as you do not need to then remind yourself to make a payment every month) and encourage others to do likewise. Hold a bake sale or run a marathon or take part in a similar fundraising event in order to raise money for eczema and dermatological charities. Even a few cents or a few dollars can help to make a difference here.



eczema researchAre you a scientist or dermatological expert with research skills? Use them to help others by working to develop cures and better treatment for eczema. Perhaps you are somebody who has science writing skills? You could use these skills to turn the latest scientific findings into easy to digest articles for the general public to read, thus helping to educate everyone about eczema. Even if you do not have an specialist scientific or dermatological knowledge, you can still help eczema sufferers by donating money to dermatological research projects.

Get involved today!

Whether you write a letter to your local government officials, sit down to write a social media post about the support offered for eczema sufferers in your area, or make a donation to an eczema related charity or research project, you can get involved today. Your contribution is invaluable, and you will materially be making a difference to the lives of those who suffer from eczema. Eczema can be an annoying, painful, and restrictive condition if the sufferer does not have access to the proper support structures: let’s change that!